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We're a team of experienced data scientists, project managers, and full-stack software engineers. Our mission is to help our clients bridge the gap between exploratory projects and industrial-grade cloud deployment. From laptops to data centers, from SQL databases to interactive visualizations of terascale datasets, from automated reporting pipelines to machine learning and artificial intelligence—we’ve got you covered.

About Us
​Without data science, companies can't get full value from data, and there aren't enough data scientists to go around. —Deloitte
Pacific Data Science employs top minds from academia, government, and industry. We work hand-in-hand with your in-house teams to evaluate, deploy, and scale advanced data-driven workflows. From automating complex and tedious workflows with AI to uncovering subtle patterns with predictive analytics, we help you innovate faster and successfully deploy pragmatic solutions for your toughest challenges. Technological capabilities include: Apache Hadoop, Spark, SQL, BigQuery, Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI, Python, R, TensorFlow, and MXNet.
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