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The Brain — our intelligent solution to fully automate your back-office workflow.

This system saves us time, effort and eliminates potential errors and inconsistencies in the data because it automatically does what a whole team previously were forced to accomplish manually. Because the user interface is so well designed, the learning curve was nonexistent and now our staff is freed up to do their best work.

Randall Loker, Chief Investment Officer, Paladin Realty Partners

Pacific Data Science’s secure, cloud-based solution offers a customized, effective tool for companies of every size that are managing investments and real estate development projects. It simplifies and streamlines manual, time-intensive, and error-prone workflows—reducing months of back office work to a nearly instant, automated process, eliminating data duplication.

The solution produces accurate, real-time reporting data, and addresses the unwanted redundancy, error, and high manual toll of using multiple spreadsheets created by different users across different projects, fragmented over time. What often starts as a manageable workflow with a handful of spreadsheets, quickly grows into hundreds of interrelated workbooks and a morass of brittle VBA code. Many organizations are looking to move these types of data-driven workflows to a secure cloud-based solution, but other products in the market can’t be tailored for the nuanced lifecycle that comes with complex projects.

And like all of Pacific Data Science’s offerings, our team maintains and operates the Brain with the same reliability and security as the mission-critical systems we’ve written for our clients in the aerospace and healthcare sectors.

  • Key Features:
    • Stores information in one place in a robust and secure “source of truth” database for managing project cash flow data
    • Allows the drag-and-drop import of hundreds of spreadsheets at a time, automatically unifying inconsistent formats and structures using a powerful line-item mapping engine
    • Supports complex ownership structures, including joint ventures, nested funds, and external partners
    • Features automated currency conversion using official market FX rates, enabling standardized rollup of projects across multiple countries into consolidated platform and fund | reports
    • Tracks progress across the development lifecycle, from land acquisition to unit sales
    • Provides interactive, real-time web reporting and drill down capabilities, as well as spreadsheet exports for ad hoc analysis and reporting
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