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The Brain

An investment management platform that is your system of record for strategic fund and asset management.
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The Brain was specifically designed to manage the nuanced lifecycle and automate the complex reporting workflows surrounding real estate investment and development projects. If you are looking to move your fragmented web of spreadsheets and workbooks into a secure, cloud-based location, The Brain is your answer. It provides accurate, real-time reporting data, and addresses the unwanted redundancy, error, and high manual toll of using multiple spreadsheets.

We built this solution for real estate professionals in a variety of roles:

  • Analysts
  • Asset managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Members of investment committees
  • Developers
  • Anyone who processes and uses data for decision making


  • With The Brain, you can:
    • Manage project cash flow data from a robust, secure “single source of truth” database.
    • Drag-and-drop hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets, importing from inconsistent formats and structures using a powerful line-item mapping engine.
    • Access detailed analysis that assists with decision-making surrounding assets and project milestones.
    • Report on important insights with real-time interactive web reports, conduct instant data investigation, and export Excel spreadsheets for ad-hoc analysis.
    • Monitor progress across all development lifecycles.
    • Track the flow of value through complex ownership structures, including joint ventures, nested funds, and external partners.
    • Integrate directly with foreign exchange rate feeds, and any existing systems and platforms such as Yardi or Argus.
    • Audit changes in data, knowing where and when they happened.
    • Reduce errors drastically via The Brain’s rigorous data integrity checks.

The Brain was built from the ground up with reliability, traceability, and security in mind, specifically as it relates to the needs of the real estate investment industry. Put it to work for you today.

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